sister shower

my sisters threw me the best shower/party I have ever had in my life.
Lots of:
Cafe Rio
Smart Cookie sugar cookies
Paper crane chandeliers
Scrabble tiles
Honeymoon basket
Fresh flowers
Father of the Bride

I them.
So so much.


emily said...

cafe rio and smart cookie? my stomach just exploded.

Anna said...

Looks like a great little party. I love the cranes!

Half Dressed said...

The picture slook great, glad you had a great time :)

Michelle said...

so cute! Sounds like a great shower!

Glad you enjoyed your cafe rio!! I pretty much demolished mine for dinner.

Thanks so much for squeezing me in to meet yesterday! It was wonderful meeting you in real life!

Jamie said...

How fun! I love the decorations.
& I love your long, beautiful hair!

drewandlacey said...

it was so fun mands! lets party like that all the time.

summer said...

what a darling shower. the scrabble tiles! i need to do that someday.

ps. this is my first time to your blog and just wanted you to know that it makes such a wonderful first impression. very lovely!

pps. wow, mandy, i am so honored! (that you are newly obsessed with my blog.) seriously. you are so nice.

ppps. okay. your wedding photos are insane. love them.

Sheryl said...

yep...once you said cafe rio i didn't need to read any farther. happy shower. happy wedding. i love you dear.

Brittany said...

i'm guessing these are some of your favorite things.

i love the scrabble tiles.

Paige said...

i love the scrabble pieces!!! a very very cute idea!