I swear I liked Zebra pattern way before it was cool.
(Also Death Cab for Cutie, but that is another story.)

What did you like before it became cool?

p.s. the winner of the Drew and Lacey signed album giveaway is Annie.


Brittany said...

You know the hairline braid, made insanely popular by Lauren Conrad? I did that way before (like an entire year before) she ever debuted it on The Hills. An acquaintance credited me with my accomplishment the other day; I felt so fulfilled.


Julie said...

Ray Bans. I wore them four years ago and stopped wearing them two years ago.

Hilly said...

I don't know if this counts but I liked ABBA before Mama Mia came out.

MyLittlePhotographs said...

I'm with you on the Death Cab thing, and I was way into SLR's before they went digital lol oh and I also wore a tie in high school before Avril did!! Just sayin'

kylee said...

love your adorable blog.
i loved toms far before they were the shoe to buy, worst part is they just barely made them in my size so i'm just barely getting around to owning a pair.