Christmas List 2

Kevin wasn't really pleased with everything on my last Christmas list and asked me for another round. He told me that Home Decor is what we would buy anyway. and that he needs to really get me something I wouldn't buy for myself otherwise.

I love him.

Here's what is on the rest of my Christmas list:

These Toms

Perfect iPhone case


Gorgeous boots

Bag for my gear (My last one was ruined on our honeymoon with nail polish)

Gloves just like Winnie Gekko's at the end of Wall Street

I know I complain about it at times, but having my birthday, Christmas, and graduation all in the same month has its perks.


andy&lauren said...

haha. i've been so in love with decorating too, and now i'm finally going to buy CLOTHES.
not pillows. not lamps. clothes. haha.
what switch flips when you get married?

Young People in Love said...

ummm ditto. on everything :)

She Loves To Make said...

Drooling over the gloves.

Mallory Camille said...

I used to hate that my birthday was so close to Christmas. But you're right it definitely has its perks. Congrats on graduation, and I love those boots and gloves!

Diana Smith said...

how cute is your husband! He asked you to make a new list! I love those gloves! Yeah having birthday and xmas together is like amazing because you get more presents!

Alex said...

Where is that iphone case from??? It really is perfect!

Tay Talk said...

The boots...drooling.

Caroline said...

I love your list!!! Those Toms are to die for!! So stinkin cute! Enjoy your weekend XO!

Brittany said...

the glovvvves. i didn't really care for wall street, but carey mulligan is my new favorite. i thought she looked fabulous.

annie said...

Those boots are amazing, and a pair of TOMS is on my list as well. Here's my problem: I find shopping for boys so much harder than shopping for girls. I always struggle with what to get my husband. Another sweater? Tickets to a sports game? I just don't know...

Callie said...

Love love love the gloves. You have such classy style :)

Irene said...

Oh my lord, like everyone I got caught up on the boots! Great find!
Love your blog - Glad I found it!

nicole said...

alright love the whole list!

Heather said...

Cute stuff Mands. I love the gloves! And did you already get the iphone!? My list consists of new running shoes and a rain coat, I'm leaving my old ones in Belgium to make room for chocolate. hahaha.

Shelby Lou said...

I went on Anthropologie and there where boots that kind of look like that, but they have a zipper in the front.. 700+ dollars. I almost fainted.

I like that make-up bags and those gloves.

jadaandjon said...

love those boots!

if you girls might love the vintage version please come check us out!



Ana* said...

I love the Toms :) Head over to my blog for a little surprise!!


Caroline Henley said...

every single thing on your list just went onto mine... although i have been eying those Toms for a while! :)