Kevin and I decided we are going to be so much more fancy.
I'm not really sure how we are going to do it yet, but it will happen.

Also, this weekend we went to a basketball game and I read the whole time and beat a whole level of Angry Birds on his iPhone. He wasn't mad, he was just happy that I came. I like that he thinks like that.

Also, someone asked me on my formspring how I found such a handsome husband. I thought it was him all weekend, but he kept denying it and now I am not sure who to believe, but I still think it could be him but I am not positive. He is good at tricking me, but I am actually starting to believe that maybe it wasn't him and someone in the void thinks my husband is handsome, which is okay because I do too.

I also watched all of Season 2 of The City (which I am not ashamed of) because it is seriously good, and Olivia would be easier to hate if I didn't love everything she wears.

Halloween is fine and all, but I am really excited it is over so the real holidays can begin.

And even though sometimes I think life is hard and pout for a little, inside I know it is truly great.


janis said...

oh that's so cute about your husband! and pretty funny if he really did write it. will be interesting to see if anyone fesses up :)

Emily said...

Hey, I just wanted to let you know I like reading your blog. We were in Prof Matthew's class together last winter semester. I looooved reading about how you and Kevin met--so cute!


kara lynn said...

you are adorable. especially how you started off by saying you want to be more fancy. the first thing i think of is to use a clothe napkin at home during every meal. ha

and yes let the real holidays begin!

Lovely Little Nest said...

oooh! i have been searching for new shows to watch online while i fold laundry. thanks for the idea!

oh, and i don't judge you; i'm 28 years old and i own all 4 seasons of the oc...or, as my dad always called it, "the teenage sex show" lol

katrina said...

ohh that makes me laugh.

and the city is the besst.

Caroline said...

Love your posts!

Jen said...

I LOVE the City! Right before my husband and I took a trip to NYC, I watched season 1 in an entire sitting :)
Nothing to feel guilty about!!!

Love your blog :)

MyLittlePhotographs said...

I think your husband is very handsome but it wasn't me who wrote it:)

Anonymous said...

"The Japanese call this energy Ki, the Chinese Budddhists call it Chi, the Balinese call it Tasku, the Kalahari Bushmen call it N/um and the Christians call it The Holy Spirit.", - "Eat, Pray, Love"

I guess we all sense His presence, in different forms, like you describe it.