Beauty Products

I have had a couple of emails about my favorite beauty products. I don't wear a lot of makeup every day, but it is still something I love having for days when I do feel like dressing up a little bit. Here is the makeup that I use. Nothing too special or expensive, but it feels right to me.


Bare Escentuals Prime Time: It makes my face feel totally smooth, before putting on powder.
Mary-Kay Creme-to-Powder Foundation in Ivory 2: I never put this all over my face, but it covers up and evens out my face in areas that need it. I have used this since I was 15. Love it.


Bare Escentuals Blush in Fruit Cocktail: After seeing the Bare Escentuals lady at the mall give my sister-in-law Julie a makeover using this blush, I had to buy it. Yes, sadly I am one of those people, but I love its warm pink.
Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil: On days when I don't have time to get ready completely, I still wear the mineral veil. It evens out the rest of my face so easily.


Clinique All About Eyes: A little more expensive, but this stuff will last you for years. You only need a tiny bit a couple times a week and the bags under your eyes disappear.
Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara: To me, mascara is mascara. I have used expensive brands like Clinique and Dior and they all work the same in my opinion. I like this kind because it is a pretty color. Totally serious.

MAC eyeshadow in Honesty: I like this color because it is neutral but still a little sparkly, and I like this brand because it lasts forever, and has a matte look.
MAC eyeshadow in Vapour: I like this color because it makes my eyes look bigger on tired days.



Nars Funny Face: They use this color in JCrew ads a lot lately. Bright fuchsia, just like an old blazer my mom wore when I was growing up. It is semi-matte so it comes off easily when you want it too, and doesn't over-dry. I always get compliments on it when I wear it.
MAC Ruby Woo: This is a trendy color, but when I wear it I feel glamorous, and I think that is what makeup is for.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip gloss in Passion Fruit Pop: This flavor tastes great, and the color is perfect. Not too bright or shiny, but good for every day.
Smith's Rosebud Salve: I usually use this before bed. It tastes better than Vaseline, and the smell is delicious. I found it in my sister Lacey's makeup bag, and have used it ever since.


Ana* said...

Prime time is definitely a must for me. It makes the make up look so smooth and natural.

Ana* said...
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grace said...

LOVE bare minerals. also, i feel the same about mascara... might as well buy the pharmacy brands and get more bang for your buck. thanks for sharing :)

andy & lo said...

I love seeing people's must-haves :)
i too love bare minerals and am newly addicted to prime time.
i want to try that mark kay foundation now! it sounds perfect.

Katie Christine said...

I LOVE Rosebud Salve. My little tin is almost gone, so it's time to head over to Sephora! Haha! I also use it as a cuticle cream, and sometimes on my knuckles when they are really dry. Perfect!

_kArLy[*] said...

i think this is wonderful! so simple, like yourself! love love love it!

Shalyn said...

I just love anything bare minerals- especially the Prime time and mineral vail! The Victorias Secret lipgloss is good too- no wonder your so gorgeous:-)

Amanda said...

love getting beauty recommendations from other bloggers. my aunt has been selling mary kay products for as long as i can remember, so maybe i'll have to check that one out. i'm such a run-into-the-drugstore-and-pick-out-something kind of girl. i am not loyal to any brand. if it is cheap and looks like it'll work, it's good enough for me :)