My mom always told me growing up to be nice to my sisters. "They will be your best friends someday," she told me every time we fought. My younger self didn't think she was right, but now I must admit that every part of that statement is true. My sisters are my best friends ever. But what she didn't tell me was that my siblings-in-law would become my best friends as well. I know that doesn't work out for everyone, but it definitely worked out for me.

For our wedding I had all of mine and Kevin's sisters as my bridesmaids. I didn't want taffeta, matching bridesmaid dresses, but instead asked them to find a gray dress they felt beautiful in and accessorize with my other colors (Navy, white, light pink). All of us wore matching pink pearl necklaces, and it was fun to have a common element to tie us all together.


And, without further adieu, meet my siblings:


Lacey: Our fearless leader with a brilliant mind, beautiful voice, and the cutest children ever born.


Melissa: Elegant and witty, easily the most creative, with the most poetic soul of us all.


Jessica: Hilarious, adventurous, my BFF and compassionate beyond measure.


Taylor: Holds his own as the only boy, wise and athletic beyond his years, with a soft heart.


Callie: Precociously thoughtful, a mini-me, and my pride and joy.

Siblings (in-law)


Julie: Sincere, ambitious, and the glue that holds the rest of us together.


Brad: Stylish senior with a romantic outlook on life and a desire to help others.


Kim: More beautiful than she knows, with a heart of gold and the brains to back her up.

Randy: Adorable, cuddly, and the most lovable individual I know.

My mom was right. They are my best friends.


Griffin and Gretchen said...

i have to agree. it's sad that sometimes it takes age to realize this.
i am good friends with my in-laws too. i love it!

Rissy said...

what a great post!

I absolutely love how unique your bridal party was! great idea to keep in mind for my big day... which seems like it'll be in 2075.


Ana* said...

What a beautiful post. You're so lucky you gained more siblings through your husband, that isn't the norm for most gals out there "including me at some point with a past bf." The photos are lovely, I love the fact that you gave the girls choices and they didn't have to wear the same dress.

Talisha and Mark said...

Mandy I love your colors! Your wedding was beautiful, and you look absolutely stunning!

Alex said...

How wonderful to have siblings and siblings in law that you're so close to!!

It's A Love Story said...

Aww cute I love having siblings!!

Half Dressed said...

Aww such a lovely and touching post, now I wish I had siblings!

L x

Logan, Christa and Autumn said...

Oh my gosh, Callie and Taylor are so big! I remember them as babies! haha well more like toddlers...so cute! I love my siblings as well! Beautiful pictures!

Leah said...

What a beautiful family!

Brittany said...

My mom said the same thing. Now that we're all grown up, we get along so well and we have so much fun together.

You and your sisters are beautiful! And they're all so blonde!

Sara said...

love the dresser in the post below!

Caroline Henley said...

Totally agree! My siblings and sister-in-law are so important to me and I know they will only become even more important as I get older!

kylee said...

my sister and i used to fight allll the time. then she got a major surgery and our relationship improved a lot. i'm so excited to reach the point in life where we're both married and even better friends than we are now. ps i love the non-matching bridesmaid dresses. they look great especially with everyone wearing the pearls. you were a beautiful bride!

andrea said...

This is so sweet, Mandy. I'm a little jealous - I'm (practically) an only child (it's a confusing story, so I'll spare so). The whole sibling relationship and bond really baffles me, to be quite honest, but I'm so envious. Plus, it's beautiful that you love your siblings-in-law. So far I'm not loving my boyfriend's siblings...but here's to hoping that changes over time? :)

Bryan said...

very sweet Mands. loves it

Amanda said...

sweet sweet post my dear.

my mom told me the same thing--they are so wise, aren't they?

Mallory Camille said...

It's funny how most friends disappear. My sisters are really my best friends and always will be. But I'm very glad we don't share rooms or clothes anymore:)

stephanie said...

This post is so sweet. I'm so close with my sisters and brother and I'm also very close with my boyfriend's brother and sister, so I know the value of siblings in our lives. I'm so happy for you that you have such a wonderful family. xo

_kArLy[*] said...

love this, what a great blessing!

emily said...

you got what i wanted for bridesmaids' wear :)
and yes, my sisters are my best friends now too. i love it.

Annie said...

Wow! These photos are just amazing!

You have very nice blog in here! Love to follow you! :)

Shalyn said...

Your so sweet, Mandy! And your parents were so right- I never believed, but sisters are the best bestfriends! Hope your week is going well!

Jessica said...

You're definitely too nice. But I loved this, and wish I could write something about you.
Mandy: makes me laugh harder than anyone, honest, down to earth, an amazing friend, and perfect style. For starters.

the hawker's said...

my mom used to say the same thing and it's so true! love siblings. they are the best!!