Sundance Review


I just finished working two full days at the Sundance Film Festival celebrity gift lounge. In all honesty, it was a lot more self-entitled publicists and directors than celebrities I cared to meet, but I still had a great time and met some cool people. Here are the people I met and what I thought:

Gia : The cutest person ever. She is actually a lot shorter than she looks on television, since I am 5'7" but very sweet. We talked for about ten minutes, and she told me if I ever come to New York to email her and do lunch. I am considering going to New York, like, tomorrow. (She is also the only celebrity I took a personal picture with. They are terrible quality, because I took them with my phone.)

Lucy Walsh: My new favorite singer, with a really cute personality and a funny boyfriend.

Terrence Howard: Very sweet to his wife. He let her pick all of the gifts she wanted, and didn't take anything for himself.

Michael Rapaport: Very dirty mouth, and wannabe gangsta.

50 Cent: Okay I saw him, I didn't personally meet him but it was still cool.

Leslie Mann: Very outgoing, and very short.

Amy Ryan: (Holly from The Office). She waved at me and smiled. I liked her.

Peter Dinklage: Very hairy.

I met a lot of other people, but these are the ones that come to my mind today. It was a great experience, but strangely I am ready to return to the office, and continue my day-to-day responsibilities. Celebrity free.


kylee said...

super jealous. my sundance experience never seems to lead me to the celebs. at least you met enough for the both of us! were you up there friday night at all? if so i should have found you so i could have pulled the awkward i stalk your blog line.

Anonymous said...

so cool~!!!!!

Diana Smith said...

Thats so cool you got to see Gia, loved watching her on tv. Im going up Saturday and hoping people are still there!

andrea said...

I have a special love for Terrence Howard only because one, during that whole "who is your celebrity lookalike" madness, I submitted my picture to a website that told me MY celebrity doppleganger was, you guessed it, TERRENCE HOWARD. What?

I'm a tiny white woman. What gives, Internet?

Logan, Christa and Autumn said...

Fun Mandy. I love Holly from the office it's good to know she isn't a jerk in real life. I hope she marries Michael. :)

Caroline Henley said...

so cool!! I'm super jealous!!! getting to be in the same room as celebrities is pretty much like becoming their best friend anyways :)

Ana* said...

How awesome you got to meet Gia!!

She Loves To Make said...


Shalyn said...

How fun! I can't believe you are going to have lunch with Gia- that pretty much makes you famous;-) I dont really know who alot of the other people are, but I love Holly from the Office! Glad you had a good weekend!

Rissy said...

awww gia is freakin gorgeous!
Did you ask her how she got so gorgeous? hehe ok probs not because that'd be awkward.
What company do you work for?
How exciting!!!


Heather said...

I love Gia!! I am jealous you guys are best friends! How fun though to meet and see so many celebs!

Brittany said...

Mmmk so jealous of your new bff Gia! My friends ran into Tenley and Kiptyn. Who knew Bachelor/Bachelorette alums loved Sundance?

Amanda said...

so cool that gia was so nice! it was also cool to get an inside glimpse as to what celebs are really like.