Bean Benefit

Two of my good friends Bryan and Lyndsey asked me if I could help out with a 5k benefit run they are planning for a classmate who is in need. I decided one of the best ways I can help is by spreading the word.

Here is their classmate Josh Bean's story:


"Allow me to give you a brief overview of my wife's situation. My wife's name is Janeece Bean. Approximately four years ago, she was pregnant with our soon to be son (we had a three year old daughter, Alivia, as well). One of her legs swelled up more than the other; but we thought nothing of it. We assumed it was normal pregnancy stuff. After she gave birth to our son, Logan, her left leg returned to normal size and her right leg stayed swollen. Soon after, we found out it was due to a cancerous tumor (synovial sarcoma) in her hip/pelvis. There were also smaller tumors in her lungs. She endured four years of countless radiation treatments, chemo-therapies, surgeries, emergency room visits, pills, doctor visits, etc.

It was very difficult to try and juggle school, work, two young children, her not feeling well, and all the trips to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake. With the help of family and friends, we were able to make it sort of work. Obviously it was not easy, but we made the best of the situation and still tried to enjoy life as much as we could!

About a year ago, things started to get really bad. They had to amputate her leg (along with half of her pelvis), remove half of her lung, and take some other very drastic steps. For the next few months, things kept relentlessly progressing from bad to worse. She made it until August 25, 2010. She was 27."

My heart aches for his family. To learn more about how you can help the Bean family, go here.

And I will be at the benefit on Saturday February 26th at the Provo Riverwoods. All of you locals please come! I would love to meet all of you. Email me for questions about how you can help.


Christa said...

How sad. I wish I could come. I'll be out of town that Saturday for one of Logan's races. I hope the benefit goes well.

7upkels said...

If I can make it, I'll definitely be there. This is such a sad story... We were talking about death in one of my classes earlier this morning, and although the gospel brings so much comfort and peace, situations like these are still heartbreaking.

Maybe I'll see you Saturday though! I'll text you if I can make it!

Diana Smith said...

Oooh I might come!! I live in Orem and might be available Saturday!

The Smith Circle

Bryan said...

You're an angel Mands. Thanks so much!

Ana* said...

I am so sorry for this family. I will have them in my prayers.