I just finished my first book on cd: Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson. I have a twenty minute commute to work, which means almost an hour of my day is spent driving. After everyone I knew got tired of me calling them during those two spaces in time, I went to my library and checked out Gilead. And I am so happy I did.

The whole book is a letter, written from a father to his first and only son. The father is 76, the boy is 6 and the father is dying, afraid that his son will never understand what his life was, and how much he loved him.

Driving on the freeway, sometimes beautiful, sometimes dark, sometimes pouring rain, I was taken to a different world where the love of a father was so evident that I missed my exit more than once, entranced by the beauty of the young son's existence.

Even though all of it was beautiful, this line has been running through my mind ever since because I think if someone asked me the definition of love, I would have to tell them this:

"I can tell you this, that if I'd married some rosy dame and she had given me ten children and they had each given me ten grandchildren, I'd leave them all, on Christmas Eve, on the coldest night of the world, and walk a thousand miles just for the sight of your face."

Gilead was pure loveliness.


stephanie said...

I love this book! I did a review of it for my blog too. You have good taste :) xo

Brittany said...

Hello we are the same person. I just finished my first book on CD too! I struggled to pay attention at the beginning, but I ended up surprising myself and loving listening to a book.

Also, Gilead is the first book on my list to read after I'm done with this graduation frantic-ness. I read Maryilynne Robinson's Housekeeping this semester and it was truly fascinating and moving. I love the way she writes.

M. said...

wow. that's beautiful.

sounds like a read worth picking up soon!


Ana* said...

I just added this book to my list, thanks for the review

annie said...

This is one of my all-time favorite "modern" books; I remember sobbing in a hotel room when it all came to a close, my poor husband wondering what on earth was wrong. "I just finished one of the most beautiful things I've ever read," I told him, and it was true.

Brissa said...

that line alone makes me want to read and fall in love with this book! books on tape save me at work when it's slow.

and yes, "nom nom" in ANY form, real or not, is the most ridiculous/worthless phrase ever invented. what a waste of language.

BookQuoter said...

Don't know why I haven't gotten around to reading this. Thanks for reminding me!

grace said...

thank you for the tip- i always love to hear about what people are reading and what touches them.

L!$@ said...

Wow! That is an awesome way of expressing it...might just have to find it and read it.