My Last 2 Weeks

I know I have been a lame blogger lately. 8 flights in two weekends does that. Here is a glimpse of my past couple weeks. Last business trip! I will return to normal on Monday.

Slot machines in the Vegas airport. Even the airport feels gross...


Feeling like a 10 year old with all of my sparkles. What was I thinking?


Saving my Elle Decor all week so I could look forward to the plane ride. Elle Decor and Ginger Ale make everything better.


Best event of the travels so far. Kyle spilling is $8.00 shake all over the floor (after waiting for 45 minutes for it) and Weston telling the janitor, "Excuse me sir, I think my friend needs some assistance." (Btw- Kyle is single ladies. Let me know if you want to be set up. I promise you will not have a more enjoyable time.)


As fun as traveling is, I cannot wait to be home a whole weekend.


L!$@ said...

Wow that is a lot of travelling! Your friend looks so sad about losing his shake :'( Poor fella. and that is seriously a long time to wait for it!

david-and-emily said...

haha! Glad you can have so much fun while on business trips!!

Ana* said...

slot machines in the airport? Wow, I don't know why it surprises me so much, I guess Vegas really likes going overboard.

Glad you'll be home this weekend, that sure sounds like a lot of traveling

Brittany said...

Business trips always sound so grown-up to me. Meaning, I'm super impressed with you right now.

Glad you're back. Home is nice, isn't it?

Kimberly Geneviève said...

HA! I always feel the same way about the airport in Vegas, there's something kind of yucky about it. Last time I went with my parents we stayed at the Trump. It was so quiet and smoke free, I loved it! A whole different vegas experience.