Pillows+ Lights

I'm teaming up with CSN's allmodern.com next month for a review, and am giddy about two things in particular: their impressive display of pillows, and the pendant lighting. Our condo has great structure, but the lighting is awful, and I just don't think you can get too many pillows.(CSN's allmodern.com has an amazing selection.)

Here are some of my inspiration for choosing pillows and lights, because without both the room is not complete.





I have so many home inspiration photos my computer is starting to slow down. But little by little my condo is coming together. I am excited to show you soon!

(p.s. if you are interested at sponsoring a review email me at mandy(.)madson(@)gmail(.)com.)


Ana* said...

I am loving that combination of pink and yellow

M. said...

so pretty! those are going in my home inspiration folder. : )


Christa said...

i love your home inspirations. I really love the bed room in this post. hmm I may have to copy some of it. :) oh man I can't wait to have our own place. You'll have to come help me decorate!

Anonymous said...

saving so many of these in my inspiration file!

Diana Smith said...

Oh my goodness, I love the gold and pink together! What gorgeous rooms those are!!

Catherine Anne said...

i love these pictures. so gorgeous.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Just beautiful what a pop of color adds!