We played mafia last night. (I am always mafia, and I always win. I blame it on my dramatic youth... And endless hours of mafia at girls camp.)

The best part of the night was when Kevin died. Death by studying. That sounds rather appropriate. If Kevin were to die from something, it would probably be from studying too much.

He makes me so proud.


Julie said...

I could've played all night. That was a ton of fun. Though I have to say, death by studying is probably better than death by slipping on a frog and falling down the stairs :)

meme-and-he said...

I loooove playing mafia, but it seems to always take 2347 times longer than planned!! Glad the hubs didn't actually die from all that studying!!

L!$@ said...

Mafia is the best! I wish I was a better student. Go Kevin!