Movie Reviews

Kevin and I have seen a lot of movies lately, most of which are new releases. I thought I would review them (just my personal opinions!). Of course I would love to hear your thoughts as well.

We loved it. It was witty, fast-paced, surprising and overall pretty delightful. I am not the biggest Angelina fan, but she wasn't so bad in this. Just her normal sultry, anything to be sexy self, but Johnny Depp was normal (for the first time since Finding Neverland maybe) and he was hilarious.

The actual overall plot of the movie was a little weird for me, but we actually really liked this, especially considering most of Jennifer Anniston's chick flicks I consider flops. The saving grace was definitely the little boy, Sebastian. I laughed for days at the very last scene of the movie. For those of you who have seen it - the birthday party and kill shelter? So funny.

Okay, Reese really let me down on this one. I usually love her movies and this one was poorly written, her character was annoying and slightly manly, and there was not really a plot. Owen Wilson really saved this one. I love that man, but overall I would not recommend this.

Probably everyone has seen this, and you should have. It is now one of my top three Disney movies along with Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Beautiful animation, such likable characters, and a brilliant plot. It even made me cry a little bit. Every morning Kevin and I sing, "And then I brush and brush and brush and brush my hair." Or teeth. Or toilet. Whatever we are brushing... Just see it. You will love it.

Kevin's choice. He loves Liam Neeson after "Taken". I liked this movie, but didn't love it. It was boring at times, and there was not as much action as I would like. The saving grace was January Jones, who is so graceful and beautiful, and probably intelligent. I also really like Diane Kruger, but not really in this movie. Not the worst guy movie, but not the best either. It wasn't funny at all, and had a lot of dark scenes. (As in the picture quality, not dark as in The Dark Knight dark.)

I liked this movie a lot. A little indie, but a great cast and I could feel the passion. It was very realistic, not so Hollywood. It was almost like I could actually see it happening, exactly the way it was filmed. Diana Agron was in it - and she amazes me in every way, and Adam Brody my favorite man from the OC was also present. If you like indie films you would probably like it, otherwise you would definitely be bored. Also, why does Katie Holmes get cast in anything? Sorry, she has a cute daughter and all but her acting hasn't improved since Dawson's Creek.

Thanks for listening to my rant. Have you seen these films? What did you think?


Ash said...

I absolutely loved Tangled! I definitely cried as well. I haven't seen any of those other movies, but I might have to check them out!

Griffin and Gretchen said...

my husbands been wanting to watch the tourist i haven't been excited about it. but maybe i'll give it a shot now.
TANGLED! i love it.

Hilly said...

I didn't love the Tourist but I am a big johnny depp fan. Love Tangled. I totally agree about How Do You Know. I didn't feel like their was a plot and Reese Witherspoons character was almost as badly written as Bella Swan.

Amanda said...

Mandy--thanks for reviewing these movies. I always can count on you to have good taste, and you're usually spot on with whatever the topic is (books in particular) and I really value your opinion.

Surprisingly enough, I haven't seen any of these movies yet! I really need to get on the "Tangled" boat, because everyone is talking about it. I'm sure it'll live up to the hype--now I just need to find a day where I have a free night with my family.

The Tourist seems like a good movie too...despite all the negative comments everyone had about them being nominated for a Golden globe. Will have to check this one out too. The Switch seems like it would be one I would enjoy because I love Jason Bateman (ever since his Arrested Development days)...I do agree with you on the Jennifer Aniston front, all her chick flicks as of late have been real stinkers.

Thanks for getting me to add more to the Netflix queue :)

Rosie said...

I haven't seen any of these but I've been dying to see The Romantics and I am so glad you reviewed it, It's on my weekend "to do" list now.

Christa said...

pretty much agree on all of your ratings. except the last two wich I haven't seen. I thought How do you Know was so stupid, but I did love Owen, he's my fave. And The Switch I loved. Sabastien was hilarious. I would die if I had a son like him, but he was so cute.

CMae said...

The Romantics is next on our Netflix list!

I didn't like the switch, I liked Jennifer Lopez's Backup plan a lot better...Jennifer Aniston just didn't do it for me in that movie or her Bounty Hunter movie...both terrible! I totally skipped Reese's movie bec I heard just from when it was in theaters that people walked out bec it was awfuL!

Mallory Camille said...

You are so right about How Do You Know, the script was so unnatural. I just recently watched Tangled and LOVED it. I need to check out your other recommendations, pretty sure I'd take your word on anything:)