Wedding Weekend






We had two weddings back to back this weekend. The first was for my cousin Stefan and his new wife Jamie. The second was for my friend Maddi and her new husband Rick. Both weddings were beautiful. It is the best thing in life to get together as family and friends and celebrate the new additions to your lives. I really believe that.

p.s. I accidentally matched both weddings. Yellow for Stefan's and Tiffany Blue for Maddi's.
p.p.s Aren't my little brother and sister the cutest people on the earth? They really are.


kate said...

you DO look good in black and yellow!

Ana* said...

I can't believe you match for both weddings without knowing :) what a lovely coincident

stephanie said...

So I'm just wondering... are you Mormon? I only ask because I'm amazed at the number of Mormon blogs I read (I'm not Mormon), and I know you married fairly young and so I thought I'd ask :)

mrs. autumn said...

I hope that cake was as delicious as it was beautiful.

Amanda said...

Your hair is so pretty. Especially in that last picture! I have only been to two weddings since we've been married and it has been so much better than going to weddings before we were married.