Weeks Pass By

I look forward to payday all two weeks, and then when it comes I feel massively disappointed, because I have to start waiting again from the beginning. ?

I have two weddings to attend this weekend. I have never been to two back to back but I think I will feel so much love after them both. I can't wait.

I told Kevin he needs to give me a Mother's day gift. I know I'm not a mother yet, but I have put up with a lot throughout the years so I could potentially be one. That's worth a new pair of shoes and chocolate, right?

I got pulled over yesterday for my first time ever. It should have been a $1,000.00 ticket. I got off with $40.00 because I cried. I wasn't even trying to get out of it, I legitimately cried over it. Maybe I'll never grow up.

I look pretty in black and yellow.

Dear Elizabeth sent me a letter today. I wanted to reach through the letter and hug her so much my eyes well with tears when I think about hugging her. She gives the best hugs.

I fell asleep last night so scared. When I woke up I was holding hands with Kevin. Being married is so beautiful. You always have someone, even subconsciously.

This week, despite its ups and downs was so good to me. Everyday is. I struggle with negative thoughts, but at heart I desperately want to be an optimist.

Life is so good.


Ana* said...

I was so nervous I cried the first and second time I got stopped by a police officer (I got away with it the first time, got a ticket the 2nd time). Some of us never grow, and I think it's a good thing we don't.

& because you asked for it and I think you should celebrate it-> Happy Mother's Day :)

Heather said...

I miss Lizzy too. I'm sorry about your ticket--but only $40?? what a nice Policeman. See you at Maddis--are you going to Mikell's or Jessie's?

andrea said...

i love that you wear yellow so much. i wish i could.. but i don't have the right genetic makeup for most yellows. :( i would probably cry too if i got pulled over not gonna lie. well... maybe not. i got in an accident last year and i held it together great. THEN when i saw my mom i started crying. haha! you are not alone! ps. speaking of that, now that it is nice weather, i see people getting pulled over ALL THE TIME! keep an eye out for the po-po! and yes, happy {futuer} mother's day to you!

Ash said...

I love that picture. I've gotten pulled over three times in one year, cried each time, and nada! You are lucky!

Also, I know exactly what you mean about being married. Always having that built in companionship and comfort is really wonderful.

Jalene said...

i totally told lincoln i needed a mother's day gift too. he doesn't think i do. :(

Brittany said...

I know what you mean about wanting so much to be an optimist. I don't think I naturally am, but I'm trying so hard!

And happy Mother's Day! I say we just make it Women's Day so we can all celebrate.

Lauren Elizabeth Stanford said...

You have had eggs in your body since before you were born. Each one of those eggs are potential children. PLUS you are doing a lot right now and have been doing a lot since before you even met kevin, to prepare to be a mother. :) So seriously, happy mother's day girl! You deserve it! Plus being a mom, you don't get much gratification all the time, so just bank up all that you can now BEFORE you have kids... ;)
love your blog girl!

Kristin said...

I love this collection of random :-)! Hope you enjoyed your two weddings wonderfully last weekend - I love black and yellow, but sadly, I don't look good in them :-(. So sorry about your ticket. I have had two, and they both shook me to my core.- I'm glad you lived to tell the tale! Oh and yes, being married is so beautiful.~ Hugs!