Baby Shower

This weekend, Heather and I threw our dear friend Rachael a baby shower. We kept it simple with a crepe brunch and a small candy bar. The guest list was small and personal, all of us being best friends. The perfect way to celebrate a new baby.







Amanda said...

LOVE that the mama wore a glitter shirt--she is so tiny! The rock candy is such a nice touch :)

P.S. Can I just say, I really like that ampersand too? Very cute.

Sist and Sist said...

That is soooo adorable!!! Love the decorations!

Emily Meyerhoffer said...

She's so pretty! I hope I look that cute pregnant!

Brittany said...

You girls are beautiful. What a fun little shower! I love them small too.

Rachael said...

Thanks Mands! It really was so fun and perfect!

Diana Smith said...

What an adorable shower! Its so pretty and pink

Emma said...

everything looks so lovely.