Classic Fashion



The older I get, the more mature I am becoming about my clothing styles. I still like the occasional sequin cardigan and bold scarf, but more and more I am beginning to invest in classic pieces. Black skinny trousers, the perfect white blouse, and a nice pair of nude and black heels. Too often in the past I found myself buying trendy items, or cheaper items simply because I wanted more. These photos remind me that in fashion, sometimes more is just .... more.


Brissa said...

nothing beats the classics. nothing. and that olivia really knows how to work them.

Ana Magdalena said...

Olivia has a great fashion sense. You are so right my dear... in the fashion world, more is more.

ps: one time, you told me to let you know if I ever visited Newport, RI. I finally did and blogged about it.


Emma said...


Laken said...

to me, classic is best. so feminine and put together - but without trying too hard. love these images!