Being a Lady

The first guest post is from Brittany. Brittany went to my high school and is one of the nicest people I know. She inspires me daily with her blog and her lifestyle. I also think she is so beautiful. Whenever my single guy friends ask if I know anyone for them she is the first person I think of. She is really beautiful inside and out - I really like her so much.

Hello everyone! My name is Brittany and I'm excited to be posting today because I just think the world of Mandy and her blog. Her ladylike way is so evident in her poetry, her opinions, her aesthetic, and the bits of her life that she shares. I am inspired by women like her--women who are ladies.

Since reading Tom Ford's five commandments for gentlemen* several months ago, I've been creating my own unwritten list. I've been deciding what it means, at least for me, to be a lady. I don't think a lady necessarily has the largest jewelry collection or knows the prettiest way to fold a cloth napkin. She's not even precisely groomed or perfectly mannered.

I would say that I think a lady is thoughtful. That she has opinions and beliefs that are her own. I'd add that a lady is kind; that she listens carefully.

But my lady list is irrelevant.

All of the wonderful ladies I've known have some things in common, sure; but they have more differences. They've written their own lists and created their own lives. I know a great woman who feeds her family the best foods. I know a true lady who has red glasses and carries literary journals in her purse and another who paints late at night and prays in her car each morning. I know a lady who sings loudly in the shower. A true lady is herself. She is authentic and genuine. Honest. She knows her uniqueness is what agitates the pretentious and the prejudiced. She is not afraid of her own influence or her mistakes. A lady finds her own way to do what Tom Ford suggests: "You have to be passionate, you have to be engaged, and you have to be contributing to the world."

Really, she is her greatest self. And that's all I really want to be anyway.

But I want to know, what does being a lady mean to you?


7upkels said...

Love this Britney. Loved everything about this.. especially when you say "a true lady is her greatest self." Love love love.
You are so great.

Jessica Lynn said...

If I"m not passionate, I hate it. Great guest blog. Also I just tried to spell guest geaust. fail.

Mallory Camille said...

Perfect. I loved this post Brittany.
"She knows her uniqueness is what agitates the pretentious and the prejudiced."
I think many women fear the beauty within them. They ruthlessly compare themselves with other women, shafting their own uniqueness and drifting further from their own beauty.
Being a lady is discovering what's already inside you.

Melissa said...

What a great post! It made me think all day.

kristin said...

i just love this! and it's so well timed, because it was just last week that i finally defined something i'd been feeling for a few weeks -- and it was exactly this: that i want to be a 'lady.' classy, timeless, kind, strong, but most of all true to myself. i love that. thanks so much for posting!

Laken said...

So perfectly written. And true.

annie said...

I really love this post, because like you, I think becoming a lady encompasses so many different things for so many different women. You're right, though, that it begins -- in my opinion -- with being thoughtful, with listening carefully, with having opinions and beliefs of our own. Really, really well-written post. (And now I want to make my own list of lady-like qualities!)