celebrating and leaving




On Saturday Kevin and I went to our favorite place ever - Pizzeria 712 for dinner. We had set a savings goal a few months ago and when we reached it we decided to celebrate by going there.

While there, our waitress happened to be a friend from freshman year and she asked how often we go there. I told her only on special occasions so she asked what ours was. We didn't know what to say. Do you talk about celebrating savings goals with your waitress? We kind of awkwardly looked at each other until she filled up our water and walked away.

Pizzeria is never a bad choice. We have yet to have a bad meal there - everything is perfection, and the atmosphere is intimate and cozy. If you live in Utah and haven't been, you are really missing out. If you don't live in Utah you are still missing out, but I am sorry you live so far away.

I am heading to Canada until Thursday to do some training in our stores there and then have a commercial shoot to style on Friday. It all sounds more glamorous than it really is. In my absence I asked three gorgeous friends of mine to guest post. They are all so lovely and inspiring, I think you will really enjoy what they have to say.

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Have a good week friends.


Eliesa Miraye said...

P712 is my most FAVORITE restaurant in the provo area. LOVE it. oh man. especially their braised beef and polenta appetizer. mmm. to DIE for.
love your blog by the way. so darling.

-Eliesa @ Good Day, Sunshine

7upkels said...

I'm pretty sure this is where we went a few years ago before a night of 80s dancing?? Haha. Have a lovely trip gf!

the mrs. said...

love love love p712.
best place in provo.

Laken said...

Just found your blog through Brittany's. It's just lovely :)

Safe travels!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

have fun in my homeland :) &we haven't tried that pizza place yet, we will have to!