Kevin and I are celebrating our one year anniversary this upcoming weekend. He has a surprise get-away planned that I can't wait for, and I have a little surprise up my sleeve too.

He asked me what I wanted for our anniversary as far as gifts go and here is the list I gave him. How I love that man.

Printed iPhone cover

5 Models Wearing Fashionable Dress Suits at a Race Track Betting Window, at Roosevelt Raceway Photographic Print

(and if we're dreaming... this sofa)

My birthday is two weeks away from Christmas, and I have never made a wish-list anytime other than September. Although I don't expect to get more than one small thing on my list, it was a fun change of pace to make one in the summer.


Brittany said...

I've been looking at the same iPhone covers--I love the leopard print one. Happy Anniversary!

Autumn said...

I love the necklace.