I was getting a little tired of listening to audio books. The narrator's voice bothered me after hearing it that long, and I hate that when I want to hear a part again I have to go back and listen to the two minutes prior, which frustrates me and I end up not appreciating the part I wanted to hear again because I am so annoyed. Listening to books is not the same at all as reading them, and although it was good for awhile I am on an audio book break.

After a frustrating week of listening to "Party Rock" and way too much Avril Lavigne, a friend recommended podcasts, and while I wasn't sure what to think of them I gave some a try. By far my favorite have been "Stuff You Missed in History Class." They are free, easy to download onto my iPhone and so addicting. Aspects of history that I have heard of but knew little about, narrated in an interesting, thoughtful way with all of the facts. As nerdy as it sounds, I look forward to my daily commute because I get to listen to them and often sit in my car to finish after I've arrived at my destination.

So far my favorites have been:

The Disappearance of the Lindberg baby
Lizzie Borden and Her Axe
The Kidnapping of Patty Hearst
The Virgin Queen's Great Love
Gandhi's Salt March
The Amelia Earhart Mystery

Surprisingly, I have been inspired to write after hearing these stories. So many unsolved historical mysteries, so many incredible people, so many small events that made such an impact in hindsight.

Are there any favorite podcasts you have? I would love to hear new stories.


IngridLola said...

I love podcasts! One of my favorites is "Entitled Opinions on Life and Literature." It an be a little unbearably pretentious at times, but there are some great episodes.

Michelle said...

Try "The Moth"

such awesome stories. I love that they mix from funny, to heart wrenching, depending on who's talking.

My fav podcast.

Kydan said...

This American Life is by far my favorite, if you have never listened to it, you must do it. Some recent episodes that I would highly recommend:
419: PETTY TYRANT 11.12.10

but I also listen to Radio Lab, Planet Money, and Freakonomics

Let me know what you think.

Brissa said...

i have the same problem. thanks for the new listens. and is there a way i can take that picture and make it real? seriously, that radio is amazing.