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Yesterday night for a few minutes it was so quiet.
Kevin was out playing basketball with the boys,
I was snuggled up in bed with wet hair and thermals, and I wasn't reading, or sleeping -
I wasn't even praying
although I suppose you could call my thoughts a form of prayer.

As much as I love the hustle and bustle of my daily life,
there is nothing quite like being alone with quiet.
When I sit there, I like to imagine my heart beats as the only sounds
on this whole earth,
spreading blood like Christmas cheer throughout this body -
and then my breaths rising and falling without a care -
happy to be considered,
and my own mind taking itself where it wants to go,
without books or television or other people telling me where to take it.

It is myself taking time to listen to me.
sometimes I guess my subconscious just wants to be heard.


Nathan Brough said...

Most of my free time is spent the same way. That's the time when I dream up all these visions in my head. You put it into words so well, I'm working on writing a bit more to add to what I had, but this post felt so good.

E. said...

Goodness, how I fall so sweet and lovely-like into your prose! Am a fan of the look of your lines and all the feeling behind them--thank you for a small post that makes for big dreams. I'm looking forward to sitting quietly by myself for a bit tonight. :)