Yesterday I was thinking about kindness and talking with a friend about it over lunch. He told me when his dad died in a different state a generous couple let his family stay with them so they could be comfortable and together as they grieved. He said he would never forget that. And then Kevin called me and told me he saw a motorcycle accident on his way home, and cars started going around this guy who was pinned under his motorcycle. So disgusted that no one would help, Kevin stopped traffic, lifted the bike off, and got his first aid kit out of his trunk to help this poor guy out. It took him five minutes - five minutes.

I think that it takes time to be kind, but not so much time that it matters. There are good people everywhere, and I want to be one of them. I want to leave tracks everywhere I go, even if none of them lead back to me.


Brittany said...

Agreed--and wonderfully said. I admire the people who are genuinely kind (to their core) so much. I sometimes have to work so hard at it.

And hello, your husband is wonderful. Good for him.

Alison said...

We get so many chances to be kind, that I think we take them for granted. Always thinking, next time I'll be the one to stop and do something. But kindness seems to be a habit that forms our character rather than an action we take once in a while.

Aoife said...

Oh my, I agree. Thank you for posting these words today. It's so uplifting that you can start and make changes in your life at any time xx