Kevin and I spent Thanksgiving day flying home from Nashville. We celebrated the day before with my sisters, and post-flight with my extended family, making sure to get our fill at both meals.

It's funny. We have now spent three Thanksgiving's together, each in a different state. Hawaii first, Ohio second, and Tennessee third now. We have no semblance of a Thanksgiving tradition - we have no traditional foods, and we are used to giving cheers with plastic cups of Ginger Ale on the plane.

I guess I could be sad about it, but instead I feel humble and grateful. As long as we are together, no matter where we are - we will always be okay. I love that I realize that.

I started to write in my journal on the plane, listing everything I am grateful for but the only thing I could think of was family - that word reverberating across the many places we are. Spread out across so many places, states, soon to be countries and they are still my greatest blessing. I have two families to be grateful for now, a heart full of gratitude for each one of them, and letters and words that connect us to each other no matter how far apart we get sometimes.

photo of our Thanksgiving dinner in the Chicago airport


_kArLy[*] said...

Being with each other is always enough! :) I love thanksgiving! Hope your sister is doing well!

Ana Magdalena said...

spending the holiday with family members is what counts. I hope your sister is having a blast wherever she is!

Julie Carol Standley said...

Simple is always best! Sounds fun!

Scarlett'sTattoo said...

*A heart full of gratitude*

Yes, it is. I am enjoying all of your thoughts here on 'love you long time'.

Traditions are funny that way, I guess. I've learned over the years, and over eighteen holiday gatherings with my husband, that sometimes the best and most memorable traditions aren't those that are planned. Sometimes they just happen to us.

How wonderful it is to be young, free and in love with your travel companion ~ on the holidays and in life!

~ Happy Thanksgiving!

Jenna said...

Awww I love this post - and so true! I'm living in South Africa now, and we did a little Thanksgiving just me and the boyfriend this year. It's hard being so far away from my parents and brother, but I was so grateful to be able to spend it with a loved one :)


Brittany said...

So well said. It's all about the people, really. And you are just beautiful!

Elsha.Rae said...

k i know call me a creep but i have totally been stalking your blog for the past hour! i could read your writing for days. home girl you have such a way with your words! if you dont mind me asking where do you work??