Today is Kevin's birthday. When I think of it as just a birthday, it seems fun - not life-shattering or anything. But when I think that 25 years ago, the most important person in my life was born and began his existence that would later morph into our existence, into us and we, instead of you and I, it feels pretty big to me.

Kevin's mom nicknamed him "Kevi-Sunshine" a long time ago, a nickname I adopted as a joke at first. But when I really think about it, this name suits him better than any other. He is the brightest thing in my life.

Happy birthday lover boy.


Kelsie said...

Happy Birthday to Kevin!

Ana Magdalena said...

what a sweet post.
Happy birthday to him!


kylee said...

your husband and i are birthday twins :]

Brittany said...

Happy birthday to Kevin! I love how much you love him.

abtech said...

nice cake...

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