jazz game



Last Friday I took Kevin to the Jazz vs. Kings game for his birthday so he could watch his beloved Jimmer. (Who played like five minutes and scored four points, but we love him anyway.)

Tia and her fiance Dan came with us, since Dan is a fellow Jimmer lover. The boys watched intently while Tia and I talked over the crowd, and laughed the entire game. Kevin kept saying, "You paid $40 a ticket to sit there and talk to Tia." Worth it.

I don't know if I can really say how much I love Tia. She is the most infectiously happy person I have ever met, and no one besides Kev makes me laugh harder than her. Anyone who knows her can attest that she is special in the most unique and surprising way. Some of my best childhood memories involve her, (the voice, girls camp Gaston songs, 7 Peaks Lazy River, Chicken Dance, etc.) and I can't wait for her wedding this month.

So, morale of the story: Make your husband happy by taking him to see Jimmer, and make yourself happy by taking a funny friend along.


Paige Andy said...

I was at that game too! Such a heartbreaker ending. So fun to go with your husband AND friend, you lucky girl!

Kristin said...

Such fun! I'm the same way at sporting events...I just think of them as a rather loud social time :-). Loved reading about your sweet friend too. I've been writing about friendship all week on my blog (after having read lots of posts about people who DON'T have that close friend) and so stories like this are extra special to hear! Hope you're having a great week!

kate said...

Couple friends where both spouses get along effortlessly are really the best.

Chelsie Clarke said...

Hahah Mandy, I am shooting Tia's wedding... I have LOVED working with her... we have had way too much fun shooting. Who knew she was just as big of a riot as her little sister, love those girls. Such a great family!

Kelsie said...

I still haven't commented on this and I've wanted to! Both of you are such pretty girls. Double date nights are the best, especially with best friends. You both are some of my favs.

Karina Marie Powell said...

Aww Your blog is so cute! I somehow stumbled upon it! I love it! Our blog is http://aaronkarina.blogspot.com
You are both so pretty!