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All of these songs are just on repeat in my car, on my iPad, in my head.  I tell myself other mediums matter more, but when I hear them I realize words that are sung are just as beautiful as words that are written, or words that are read.

1. Band of Horses - Funeral
2. Feist - The Bad In Each Other
3. Ellie Goulding - Lights
4. Pete Yorn - Ice Age
5. Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly
6. Ryan Adams - Come Home
7. Katie Herzig - Lost and Found
8. Adele - Turning Tables
9. Bon Iver - Blood Bank
10. The Weepies - Gotta Have You
11. Rosi Golan - Hazy

(Previous playlist here)

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Robots in Trouble said...

Ohhh I recently blogged about a new band called Polaris at Noon. You should listen to them. The one that I have on repeat right now is "red".

Thanks for sharing :)

-Robots in Trouble

Brissa said...

hazy is such a beautiful song.

Allison Brinkerhoff said...

Can we go and see Adele sometime? Ps- I am so excited that you are coming to DC!

Kelsie said...

I think I will cry if I hear Adele one more time on the radio. Rolling in the Deep started to go downhill after the seven zillionth time I heard it :) but then again, I like Kesha, so my taste in music is clearly not the greatest.

PS. Thank you so much for the congratulations! Can't believe this day has finally come. So, so excited!

Chelsie Clarke said...

Allison! I MET allison in D.C. this weekend! It was so funny to put together that you two were cousins. You look so much alike it's nuts!

Christine-Chioma said...

YAY! I love music suggestions. Especially because the mission made me (obviously) behind on new stuff