It is easy to forget why we need God when we don't need him. That is why, I have come to see - He allows us to go through hard things. We lose our loved ones, and distance separates us. Pain and sickness clutch at us and scavenge into the veins of those closest. Disaster strikes whole villages -cities - countries even. Hunger gnaws, poverty humbles, and darkness closes in on us each night like clockwork.

We believe that all of this is nature taking its course. But I know that the weight on my knees tugs harder in times like these. Gravity pulls the body and the heart and then we kneel because we do not know how else to decipher this suffering, this disbelief.

All prayers start differently but end the same. The beginning often starts with anger, or frustration or sometimes broken humility. The middle is rife with tears, pleading or scattered words. But the end - - the end is when we recognize our own smallness, and our need for something more. We simply ask for help, which is the whole reason we were driven to our knees in the first place. It is painful, but it is also cyclical perfection. 

It doesn't have to be much. It can be a few words, or poems, or songs lifted up. It can be still or mushy or frightened. He hears it of course, even if it remains unspoken in the cavities of yourself, hiding from the light, resting next to the shattered dreams you thought only you knew of. He hears it, because no voices are necessary. His medium is you. 

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kate said...

Oh Mandy, your words are so graceful. And you are so right.

Laura said...

love. every word.

Hind said...

Very nice! these words comes from a loving heart oxox

Brittany said...

So true, all of it. I wrote a little thing about prayer a couple of weeks ago :) Maybe I'll publish it this week.