Apartment Tour

I have been meaning to post these pictures and have just gotten around to it.. as we are moving. This apartment has been frustrating to decorate. Most of it is one long, narrow room. We couldn't figure out where to put a TV so we just decided not to put one in our living room at all. When friends come to watch a movie we all pile on the bed in our room :)

Our landlord is strict. So strict that he wouldn't let us hang pictures on the walls. AT ALL. I love the location, the vaulted ceilings, and a lot of things about the apartment but needless to say I am ready for a new place to decorate. A lot of the items seen are listed here for sale, and even if they're not listed we are probably selling them, we just haven't gotten around to posting them. Email me if you have any questions or are interested. (And please excuse my terrible photography skills.)

Living Room:

Sofa: EQ3 (for sale)
Pillows: Kohls
Tables: Ikea
Rug: Bed Bath & Beyond
Tray: Z-Gallerie
Ghost Chair: Amazon
Blue Chair: Vintage (For sale)
Mirrored Dresser: Pottery Barn
Horse Picture: Paul Ferney

Dining Room:

Table: Ikea (for sale)
Chairs: Vintage, reupholstered
Olive wood Candlesticks: A gift from Jessica in Jerusalem


Duvet: eBay
Sparkle pillow: Bed Bath & Beyond
Lamp: QVC
Side Table: Savers
Dresser: Craigslist
Mirrored Frame: Z-Gallerie
Shell: Our honeymoon


Rosie said...

All your pieces are so lovely! I love the crisp white look, so serene and modern.

Bridgette Wensel said...

Your house is so stinkin cute! Good job! I love how clean it is and how much junk you don't have. I am interested in one of your furniture pieces as well. I'll email you. :)

Brittany said...

Love all of your white. You and Kevin must be really clean :)

But really, it's so pretty.

andrea said...

i love the photo above your bed! very pretty!

His Little Lady said...

your home is absolutely beautiful! especially the photos!
xo TJ