Cleaning House

This weekend, my lovely bookshelf went from this:

To this:

We are definitely moving. I realized while taking this picture to sell our shelf that I have never done an apartment tour. I think I procrastinated it because it didn't feel finished. Now I realize that decorating is never finished. I still want to have some pictures to document this place we've spent 18 months at though, so expect a home tour post later this week. Just don't expect anything crazy or magazine quality. Also, since we have started moving already an entire room won't be included. It is now occupied by boxes and miscellaneous objects I did not know existed.

Also, we are selling most of our earthly belongings to pay for Kevin's school :) Not really, but we do want to sell a lot so we don't have to move/store it. Here are some local listings (don't ask about some of the stuff we are selling... long story.) We still need to add more (like my car!) but it is a good start.  I might list things like winter clothes and boots too that I can ship if there is enough interest. We are definitely getting rid of all of our Utah winter clothes and it makes me sad. 

Arizona here we come!

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