if you let them

new books. long nights talking late with friends. falling asleep with the fan spinning above my head and his arm draped across my side. homemade pizza crust made on the stone. talking to my sister and freezing the screen so i can see her anytime. sunlight streaming through the blinds. car wash signs and lemonade stands. a book that seems to write itself. bottomless popcorn. bellies swollen with babies. whispers during church. new computers. strawberry season. goodbye kisses. raw ambition. little fingers on the keys. 

these are all things that can make you happy if you let them. 


Brittany said...

I make lists like this a lot to remind myself that I'm happy. And it's not even that I'm not happy--I just forget that I am.

You're so right. Happiness is simple if we look for it in the right places.

Christine-Chioma said...

Love this. I have an ongoing list of super specific things like this that make me happy and that I like. It reminds me of that quote from A Tree Grows In Brooklyn about how happiness isn't complicated or faraway.

LoveNylaDesigns said...

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