Lizzie's wedding

My bff Lizzie got married last weekend in the Salt Lake Temple. It was such a beautiful, perfect day. She glowed all day long, beaming from happiness. 

It is fun to see such a good friend get married, especially when you grew up together like we did. When we were in fifth grade, we built a fort in the forest behind my house and when we were in junior high we followed our friends to the movies and threw popcorn at them because they were sitting with boys. We went to endless concerts in high school, and witnessed each other's terrible (okay mine were terrible) boyfriends and crushes and broken hearts. We lived together our freshman year of college, and shared clothes and towels and secrets. Together we have camped under the stars, swam in the beaches of Rhode Island, road-tripped, eaten pizza in Boston, and spent countless evenings chatting with popcorn and jelly bellies in hand.

When I first met Brock, I knew they would be together for a long time. They really seem to have been made for each other. Really, it's not just two people who decided to be together and make it work - they are so similar, and so good at taking care of one another.

I was emotional most of the day out of happiness. I know the feeling of love and support and encouragement that can only come from being with someone who loves you enough. Marriage isn't perfect, and sometimes it is frustrating and difficult, but it is also complete and kind and safe in the very best way.

We're so glad Liz and Brock found each other - and so happy that we will all be together in Arizona. (We move in three weeks!?)

Congratulations you little love birds. p.s. forgive the lack of pictures. Instagram is where it's at these days - (my username is @mvoisin if you want to follow along.)

p.p.s - how beautiful are my friends? We have all been through a lot together and I love them so much. 


AshCall said...

I love this post and the wedding looked so beautiful. There is nothing more precious than a lifelong best friend and I'm excited for you two that you're going to be in Arizona together! All the more reason for me to come and visit! :)

Brittany said...

You all are so beautiful! Seeing best friends happy is emotional for me too--it's one of the best things about this time of life.

Behold the Metatron said...

so pretty!

xo, Kris

Christine-Chioma said...

That's so funny, one of my best friend's name is Liz and she married a Brock too. They just had a baby named Chloe. Wonder what your friends will name their baby! :)

Lizzy said...

Mands you are so sweet! I just read this for the first time and it made me all teary eyed. Every bit of it is true :) I'm so glad were best friends and can't wait for you to get to Arizona