new place

Even though I haven't been exactly thrilled about moving to Arizona, (but I am getting more excited as it gets closer,) one thing I am so excited for is decorating a new apartment. I felt like our last home wasn't really permanent so I was slow to decorate which was a big mistake. My goal for the next 10 years or so is to treat every place we live like it is our last. To decorate quickly, and not even think about packing everything up. We have a lot of moves in front of us with school, rotations, residency, fellowship, etc. so this is going to become important to me.

Another thing is, that I will be working from home. If I'm home all day everyday, I have got to love the place I'm living in. Even though we will be on the tightest budget possible, I think the challenge will be fun.

Here are a few inspiration images for our new place. They are all over the place, and we won't be able to paint at all, so hopefully it all comes together!

p.s. we are still trying to sell some of our current furniture, that either won't fit there or we aren't able to take. We have gone way down on the prices from what we bought them for. See them here, and email me if you are interested!


Robots in Trouble said...

i love these inspirations that you posted! have fun decorating! i think that's one of the best parts about moving in!

Bridgette Wensel said...

What a beautiful house you are going to have! I love your pictures you found, you have such a glam style!