the day my mountain burned

they told us to leave quickly and we took everything we could, leaving everything else behind. i thought i would care more about my things, but i didn't.  

we breathed heavy, thick, smoky air and walked a few blocks down the hill to a place that was deemed safer.

then we sat on the grass and watched our mountain burn. 

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Brissa said...

mandy, i am so sorry. these fires have been out of control and non-stop. i hope you and your family are safe. it's not fun to have your house burn, trust me, i know. and while i understand that in the moment, the things we have or left behind don't matter (and they don't), it is still hard to lose them. i hope you are safe. i hope the ones you love (friends and family) are safe. i am praying these fires stop. and i hope your home and all the little treasures inside are safe. but even if they're not and heaven forbid, they burn, the memories you have in your heart will last forever. my thoughts and prayers are with you. i hope this insanity stops.

Brittany said...

I'm glad you wrote about this. I feel lucky that my home is safe and that I can still be in it, but when we gathered our things on Tuesday night in case of evacuation, I was surprised by how empty my bag was too.

It's just been the most devastating thing to watch those peaks and trees burn--the fire's just eating it all up. Are you still out of your home?

siddathornton said...

thoughts & prayers being sent your way, mandy. i'm so sorry this is happening & i hope it stops soon.

Robots in Trouble said...

ohhhhhh this happens a lot in cali. i had to pick up a friend from one of the areas that was burning and you can totally see the flames up close. it was trippy! i hope you are okay. be safe!

meme-and-he said...

ugh. this is so heartbreaking, and I hate how out of control it is. In my prayers, to be sure.

Brooke! said...

Mandy, I was just talking about this same sentiment with my little sister last night. We were shocked that in any other situation, when packing for a three day trip, we somehow need EVERYTHING. But when a policeman shows up at your house and says you have ten minutes...somehow all I needed was my scriptures, journals, scrapbooks, and the ones I loved. Thank you for sharing. I will miss the beauty of that mountain, but somehow the new dried up landscape makes me realize a different beauty; the beauty of realizing what's truly important.