North Carolina/Tennessee

I'm so late on this, but I wanted to document my awesome trip to Nashville Tennessee and Fontana North Carolina in late September. The trip started and ended in Nashville to visit Lacey and Drew and their girls. Midway through we drove to Fontana North Carolina, a little mountain town on the border of TN/NC in the Smoky Mountains where we met Melissa, Chris, and Hank.

We stayed in a little cabin and listened to some great live music by Lacey and Drew, walked around the Appalachian trail, and attempted to clog at this big jamboree. Missy and I were so bad it was hilarious. I had the best time and can't wait to see my sisters and their families so soon at Christmas. It makes me sad that we all live so far from each other. It's the worst part about growing up, I think.

Kevin had to miss this trip. With med school I think I'll be doing most of my traveling alone. Good thing he is so cute to come home to.

 Please look at Holland in this picture - she cracks me up.

 Lacey, Emmy and Holland

Melissa, Chris, and Harrison. (p.s. all of these pictures are snagged from Mel. All I ever take with me is my iPhone so I never get any good pics. That needs to change. Thanks Miss!)

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Brittany said...

I love visiting new places with family. It's my favorite thing to do. You and your sisters are so beautiful too.