That time we went to Peru

I'm not sure where to begin with our trip to Peru. We found super cheap flights in June, and booked our trip less than an hour later. Machu Picchu is on our bucket list, so we figured YOLO. No literally, we said YOLO like the whole time. We just brought backpacks which was tough for me, but it turns out we didn't need much. We spent 2 days in Lima, 4 in the Amazon rainforest and 3 in Cusco/Machu Picchu. It was the trip of a lifetime, and made me so grateful for the blessing it is to live in the USA. We have it pretty good over here with clean water, a strong(ish) economy and wi-fi everywhere we go :)

Here are some pictures of our trip, if you'd like to see. Pretty sure this is the longest post I've ever done, but I'm not into dragging out the details of the trip, so I apologize in advance.

First - Lima. 

 Dj and Julie - best travel companions ever!

 This guy's hair killed me the whole time. I loved it so much.

Next - the jungle. Yikes - it was intense. So sticky and hot, insects too large to be real, and crazy tour guides. We fished for piranha's, (yes, I caught one!) went hunting for alligators at night on our rickety boat, tramped through the jungle all day and night (seriously it was so tiring,) and spotted all sorts of animals. Oh - and we ate crazy things, like catfish wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked over the fire, as well as wild tomato juice for breakfast. I'm pretty sure we were served rodent meat more than once, though they claimed it was "beef." 

 The Lodge. No doors or windows so all jungle animals were welcome. Neat.
 Fishing for Piranha's.
 I caught one! 

 He tried so hard, and only caught this little sardine. Poor guy. (Kevin, not the sardine.)

By this point, my camera battery died - so lame. So the rest of the photos I had to snag from Julie.  After the Amazon we ventured to Cusco, and then took a bus ride to Ollantaytambo where we met Anna and Reto Fischer - the coolest Swiss couple ever. (Switzerland Summer 2013, right guys?) We played cards in that city, before taking the train to Machu Picchu - home of beauty and unruly wild dogs. I'm feeling lucky we didn't get rabies. Machu Picchu is too amazing too describe in words. I think everyone should make the trek at least once in their life. Those who have been there know what I mean! We loved it, every second of it.

Yes, I recognize I am wearing the exact same outfit in every picture. I was dumb and only brought one jacket and, it has since been burned because that thing was gross by the end of the trip. 

Big thanks to Dj and Julie for putting up with me in the early mornings (I'm not a morning person, turns out.) Also, thanks to Kev for pretty much carrying me after our Cusco bus ride. That Dramamine did a number on me. 

So where do we go next? I'm thinking Europe, although we're dying to see Australia and New Zealand. Oh - and China. All recommendations welcome!


Hillary said...

We missed you at Thanksgiving but it looks like your trip was amazing! If you are going to Switzerland next summer I want to come with you ha ha.

Heather said...

Mands this looks amazing! we are always wanting to go on a next adventure and Machu Picchu is high on the list. We would love to go to Switzerland, China, Australia or New Zealand with you guys! We want see so many places. I am so impressed you caught a Piranha!

Nela said...

These are neat pictures, Mandy. My mom is from Peru, so it's nice to see some familiar places on here. :)

By the way, nice catch!

Brittany said...

Oh my gosh. Mandy, this looks like the trip of a lifetime. I'm kind of wanting to travel to Africa lately--my grandparents are looking at doing a ten-day safari and traveling to South Africa as well. But really, traveling anywhere in the world is amazing. It's my favorite thing to do, and I want to go everywhere.

Can't wait to hear more about your trip at our Christmas book club. I laughed at you not being a morning person. Me neither haha.

Magdalena said...

What an adventure! Spontaneous trips are the best.

Autumn said...

I would pick Australia or New Zealand next. They are the ones that would be the most expensive to do later on when you may have other things to worry about.

So fun! Take advantage of it while he is in school. It becomes harder when he is in a job!

Rosie said...

Wow! Looks like you had an amazing time! Lovely pictures. I long to travel to Australia as well.

Kelsie said...

NZ and Australia hands down. I'm biased, but I think you'd love them both (Sydney especially!)

Life is Good said...

What an incredible trip! That is amazing that you caught a piranha! Did you join some sort of tour group for your time in rain forest? I'd love to know what group you went with if possible. Thanks! Laurenmgillespie@gmail.com

kels said...

Seriously, check out Switzerland :). We went all over Europe and that country is hands down our favorite place. Plus it's just a hop skip and jump away from Italy, France, Spain, Germany, etc etc

emma said...

your YOLO comment made me laugh. so glad you said it the entire time you were booking your tickets.

i hate to say this but i feel like i would have hated every minute of this trip. i am SO not adventurous. i just read your post-peru thoughts and i'm pretty sure i would have cried the ENTIRE time. so glad you had a fun trip!

Alex said...

Machu Picchu is one of my favorite places I have ever been! My mom and I stayed in a little hotel/resort place in the rainforest beneath it, and the whole experience was just surreal. Definitely do Aus/NZ next!! I went to Australia in August and am going back in February, and I can tell you that it's pretty darn amazing. Happy travels wherever you decide on next! :)

AshCall said...

These pictures are amazing! (I haven't looked here for a while, so I was excited to see them!) I need to talk to you before I leave to Peru. <3

Anonymous said...

Machu Picchu looks amazing!
Definitely will try and save money to trek there. Although I'm only 18, I'd love to go travel on my own (if I just had the money!)
To be honest, I've always been curious what Peru is like, so this was a really good post in showing what travelling (to Peru and in general) is like. Thanks!
I wish I could like posts on Blogger, I would definitely like this so I can keep coming back to it to get me wanting to work harder, save more money and travel haha.