secrets (3)

I only drink Ginger Ale on the airplane, even though I really enjoy it when I do.
I love to wear dresses, but the minute I walk into my apartment-I am back in sweats.
I am writing a book, and the main character is me without my insecurities.
Being engaged is harder than it looks.
I secretly like it when awkward situations arise.
I have a tendency to make rhymes in my head, when people are talking to me.
I am not afraid to get old.
Before Kevin and I started dating, I had daydreams of him giving me CPR.
Even if I don't say it, I know I can be whoever I want to be.
Sometimes I want to cry I love my mom so much.
The main thing I miss about living at home is our cherry wood piano.
I still have a desire to form clubs, and make myself the president.
Although I can't do anything with it, I don't regret my degree.
I want to have eight children.
I sometimes think about finding my old razor scooter and riding it to work.
Go fish.

Secrets 1 and 2.


emily said...

i am definitely afraid of getting old. and i used to drink only ginger ale on planes and now it's coke zero. now, that's my little secret.

david-and-emily said...

love this. we all have little secrets.
-I am secretly addicted to coffee even though I won't admit it.
-I practiced my husband's last name as my own long before I should have.

There are my secrets :)

Kay said...

is it still a secret, when it has been told???

oh, there must be more-- the ones untold.


Michelle said...

you are writing a book? I hope you share more about it with us in the future-- I always love your writing!

I love your secrets too!

Brittany said...

I love your secrets. And sometimes I feel like we are twins because we have similar secrets.

But, I'm afraid to write a book. I think it is neat you're working on one.

7upkels said...

Mandy - 11 days til the big day! How are you feeling??

And that CPR secret made me laugh. As for me? I talk to myself all the time. Not surprising, but that's my little secret.

kara lynn said...

i know exactly how it is, getting back into sweats directly after getting home.

and i think that is the greatest thing ever your main character is you without your insecurities. what an incredible experience

Erin said...

Eight children? WOW. That's a lot. My two keep me on my toes pretty much all day every day! I can't imagine eight.

Your wedding announcement came in the mail today. Thank you! It's gorgeous! And hurrah! It's very, very soon... Are you excited and nervous all at once?

Greg and Vanessa said...

these secrets are adorable! i love reading deep insights from others about themselves.

i am going to go try to do this on my blog :D


Kristin said...

Just found your blog today, and you are off on your honeymoon! I know you'll have tons of e-mails and might not see this little old comment, but I've sure enjoyed my time here! Loved your secrets! I only drink tonic water w/ lime on airplanes, am a dress -to- sweats girls too, and am thinking of writing a book! Look forward to getting to know you better! Happy honeymooning in the mean time... ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

andrea said...

"I only drink Ginger Ale on the airplane, even though I really enjoy it when I do." -- Same with me! I love it, but only have it on the plane.
"I love to wear dresses, but the minute I walk into my apartment-I am back in sweats." -- ditto
"Sometimes I want to cry I love my mom so much." -- so true. happy tears of course. :)