Normally I would never blog about this, but I feel like I would be selfish to all of my friends in Utah if I didn't.

I won a giveaway from Brook Knecht hair this month and Saturday I went into her studio and got a partial weave and a hair cut. Honestly, Brook was the best hairstylist I have ever had. She did exactly what I asked her to, which is a big deal in the hair world in my book. So many times you find a stylist and she does what she thinks will look good, not what you want.

She was also one of the cutest, most lovable people to talk to, and reminded me a lot of my friend Tia, (who I miss so much!) Usually I bury my face in People magazine because the stylist a) doesn't want to talk or b) I don't want to talk, but with Brook it was not that way at all! I would recommend Brook to anyone and everyone I know.

Right now she is doing a special - $50 for a cut and color! Go here to get in touch with Brook, and tell her that Mandy sent you.

Also, I need some tips on cooking for two - we either eat pizza or cereal every night or have loads of leftovers! Any advice?


Diana Smith said...

Cute hair!
Cooking for 2: I have the same dilemma because mostly we are not fans of leftovers. I use my crock pot ALOT! Make pulled pork sandwiches...its my husbands fav. its super easy too! I also make chicken in the crock pot and just use 2 breasts with rice. Pasta is good too...I love to make my own sauce receipe and breadsticks. Have fun! and if your husband doesn't like it, oh well! haha

Brooke Trout said...

Mandy you're too kind! It was my pleasure doing your hair.

ashley maureen said...

how wonderful to have found a hairstylist you love! if only i were in utah and could take advantage...

menu-making for two is one of my favorite topics. we like to keep it simple by grilling chicken breasts and fresh veggies. it's easy to control portion size with a meal like that. burgers or homemade pizzas are a favorite, and cutting a casserole in half (to fit a square pan) works well too. tonight i'm making meatloaf & we'll definitely have some leftovers, but they are just what we need at the end of a long week!

Jalene said...

cute hair! and that is a heck of a deal!

we are lame eaters too. it's so hard to figure out what to eat. we eat way too many frozen pizzas too.

last night we had hawaiian haystacks. so yummy! and tonight we are having roast... cooked crock pot style.

Michelle said...

That's such a good deal and your hair looks god! Finding a good hairstylist is always a pain.

I'd give you tips on cooking for two if I could, but leftovers are usually a majority of my diet. Cause I don't want to cook everyday. And I like to eat the same stuff everyday. Probably not healthy, but it's convenient without being fast food.

Anna said...

Your hair looks great! I wish I lived nearby to take advantage of this lady's talent! So hard to find a good hairdresser you trust.


---------andy&lauren---------- said...

cute hair!

we use mr. george foreman ALOT :)
chicken + veggies and fruit.

cook half a box of pasta, use the leftover sauce for homemade pizza.

i just scale everything back.
1/2 lb of ground turkey instead of a whole pound.
& YES to the square pan idea.
totally do that as well.
BUT andy can defintely chow down.
he is physically moving for 11 hours/ day.
haha. SO. i just make whatever sounds good :)
stir fry is really easy to control how MUCh you want.

Half Dressed said...

Your hair looks gorgeous :)

L x
Half Dressed

emilyf said...

Your hair goes well with your lovely face :) I can't wait for my hair to be long again.

Growing up in a big family I learned to cook big! You'd be surprised how many things you can freeze in one-serving portions. My mom does it with lasagna, stews, taco meats, etc. She'll cook up a bunch, separate into single servings, and when you want a little something you pop it out of the freezer and thaw or reheat accordingly. Menus definitely help. And it's fun to 'treasure hunt' for the week, using Monday's leftover in today's dinner...you can get pretty creative if you try :)

Brittany said...
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Brittany said...

I'm terrible at cooking for one...so I'll be no help. I eat lots of sandwiches and eggs and cereal. But I have files and files of recipes that I am itching to cook in my one-day kitchen. Food Network is my guilty pleasure.

You look stunning p.s.

And my Jackson friends are actually some of my best best friends from freshman year in the dorms. Laura (blonde curly hair) came to London with me and we became even better friends. It was such a wonderful weekend.

Kate said...

Hey girlie! Ryan and I dealt with that SAME thing when we first got married... so many left-overs and we hate left overs so it all got wasted. What I started to do was I cut the recipes in half and it made all the difference in the world! Also I began making meals that I didn't have to prepare completely all at once, like giant creative salads (because you can just do those indivudualized) and sandwiches and wraps and burgers.. things that you don't have to make a massive amount of.

Also, whenever I was craving to cook something larger, I would just invite friends over :) That way most of the meal was eaten!

Hope this helps! Adorable hair by the way!! :)

Melissa said...

Chris eats all our food. :) But also, we use the freezer ALL the time. We make full meals that feed 6-8 people and eat it for lunch for a couple days, then freeze the rest. It is so nice coming home some nights and having dinner all ready!

Logan, Christa and Autumn said...

your hair looks cute mands.

Kristin said...

Looks great! Go to my blog, and click on "healthy recipes" on the left sidebar. Most all of my recipes on there are for 2 and/or the leftovers freeze really well. Good luck!

Amanda said...

You have the effortless beauty down pat.

My advice is to find online websites that have the options to change the servings. I go to a website like Tasty Kitchen (Pioneer Woman) and scale down to 2 or 3 (some leftovers.)

I know that it's hard though...fresh produce is always a struggle to not waste and throw away.

BethanySusan said...

i need help with cooking for two too! i think a lot of us have that problem. i personally am super picky when it comes to leftovers, but i also HATE wasting.. we spend much more time trying to decide what to eat than we ever do preparing it.