The other day I told my eight year old sister that she was cute.
She replied, "I don't want to be cute, I want to be cool."

And even though I think being cute is better than being cool,
I know where she is coming from.

I don't want to be stylish,
I want to be elegant.

I don't want to be right,
I want to be kind.

I don't want fame,
I want love.

I don't want talent,
I want genius.

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Tay Talk said...

At our wedding my mom told my {now} nephew, "You look so cute!" He got mad and went to his mom, "That lady [pointing to my mom] called me cute. I'm not cute. I'm handsome!"


emily said...

i second all of these. love this post.

elsie said...

Thanks for your comment! I'd love to be friends!! and this post is perfect!


Diana Smith said...

Cute poem! Its so true though!

Grace said...

you are just so talented with words and this poem is so true.

andrea said...


Love Cami. said...

i want to be cute. /you. creepy.

Jenni said...


communikate. said...

elegant is where it's at.

great post.

Prix ° said...


Ana* said...

What a nice poem!! I want to be elegant, kind... all of those words.

Shalyn said...

Perfect post- love it all!

Amanda said...

I love how you write. It's so pure and honest. Truly from the heart.

Brittany said...

This is beautiful. I like the part about genius--I feel the same.

Ashley said...

I love this! Cute blog :)