Nicole Cohen via Rue



It felt like Christmas when I saw Nicole Cohen's Manhattan town home in Rue Mag yesterday. I always thought of myself as having a glam/traditional decorating style, but I love the moody, surprising elements in Nicole Cohen's apartment.

All I know, is that I love that moment when something completely shocks and inspires you, making you realize that beauty has so many different forms, and that is totally how I felt looking at this space.

I told Kevin I found our dream home yesterday and he laughed (because I say that most days) but after looking at these images himself he said, "I could see us living there." - A compliment coming from Kev, who would be content living with plaid couches and raw oak headboards.

Until you consider your own living space - away from roommates and parents, it is difficult to know what you really love. I have made purchases that I quickly realized aren't my style at all, but I didn't know they weren't my style and what I loved until I had them in our apartment and I had to walk past them everyday.

I think that personal decorating is in large part trial and error. Slowly collecting pieces that you love, and somehow making them all fit together to make your ideal space.

Probably the funnest thing ever.

Find Nicole's apartment in Issue 3 of Rue Mag.
p.s. She is sharing her sources for her apartment today! Find them here.


Brissa said...

fancy pants. i love that house and how everything just works.

Shalyn said...

That apartment is spectacular! Too bad I could never put anything like that together!

Caroline Henley said...

GORGEOUS! I've never really had to decorate my own space... I have always lived with roommates who already had stuff so I just went along with it... I am excited to see what my actual style is once I have my own place one day!

Diana Smith said...

What a beautiful and luxurious apartment, I would love to come home to that each and every day!!

Ana* said...

this apartment breaths style!

Anonymous said...

I want it all!

Mallory Camille said...

I totally agree with you, and I can't wait for the day when I look around my home and feel that every item is a personal reflection of me and my family. I love this house btw, especially the gold silverware.

Caspers, but not the Ghost said...

hi mandy! yes..i'm a reader. and i'm so happy with how happy you are with your love and such. i just reallyliked this post. maybe it's because we just bought our first home...and it's my favorite place to be. and even though i really want white couches, and glass vases...with a near two year old, i love settling for a dark gray couch, and giant automan for jumping, and plastic white vases that can't be broken. I think that our styles will change, with what phase of life we're in...and it's all beautiful. the grass isn't always greener on the other side, ya know?? love your blog, and i like that we can be blog friends. :) hope all is well! Courtney

Callie said...

Beautiful! This is so gorgeous, I love your style!

Anonymous said...

Love the white but Id never keep it clean!

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