Snowed In




We got snowed in at my future BIL's cabin this weekend. (Yes that is his car in the driveway). I have never been snowed in before, and so we took full advantage of it.

We ate french toast, curry and loads of hot chocolate. (They had a built in hot chocolate machine that made froth on the top). We watched lots of movies, I won at Jeopardy, and we played hours and hours of Pit.

Falling asleep last night back at home (after the plows came) I had "I got two. I got three. Trade one?" ringing in my ears.

Lovely weekend.


Caroline said...

Sounds like being snowed in was marvelous!!!! XO!

Ana* said...

I love getting snowed in (with tons of food and the right company of course).

I hope your week is off to a good start, xo

chrischaos said...

wow that is nice!

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Kate said...

Wowowow, that is a lot of snow!

I didn't know there were such things as hot chocolate machines! I want one!

Glad you stayed warm!

Poetry of the Day said...

snow is so awesome and beautiful

Poetry <3

Julie said...

Pit is my favorite game EVER. Almost everytime my family gets together we play it for hours. Totally don't think we're playhing correctly (basically spoons, but collecting grain, and yelling "two, two, two" "five, five, five" - or however many you are willing to trade). It's always a good time!

communikate. said...

that sounds like a lovely weekend!

Ashley said...

not too shabby a weekend! that is some crazy snow!

Diana Smith said...

That is kinda fun to get snowed in! I can't imagine a hot chocolate maker with the froth..YUMMY!

Brittany said...

Cabin weekends (complete with cards) are my favorite. I am totally jealous!

Julie said...

Such a great weekend with you two. I'm glad it worked out so we could all go. I personally wish we could've been snowed the rest of winter and come back with spring in full bloom. :)