On Kindness

I think there is something that should be said about kindness.

I don't know what point in your life it is when you come to the mature decision that you want to be kind, but I wish I had reached it much, much sooner. You can teach good morals to your children, you can teach them how to dress, you can teach them politeness, but I think kindness is a decision each person has to make and I believe, it has to be an entirely conscious decision. You are not kind. You choose to be kind.

I say this because I married a very kind person. Or rather, a man who chooses to be kind. Every time I begin to say something negative about someone else I try to catch myself because of him. He never joins in the slandering. He listens, like a good husband should but he cannot add to the negativity. It is simply not in his nature. He is especially kind to me. So kind that, because I am not quite as good as him, I push his kindness on purpose at times - yet he always, always responds with kindness.

I used to want to be popular and beautiful and famous. But because of him, I really just want to be kind. Consciously kind.


beau&lindee said...

this post is awesome and so true. i feel the exact way around my husband.. isn't it the best when you just want to be better because of them?

Autumn said...

My husband is the same way. I'm glad he brings out the good in me.

Brittany said...

I have people in my life like Kevin. They are so good and kind. They inspire me so much to try harder and to think nicer. Being kind, I think, is one of the greatest things one can be. I love this post, Mandy.

katrina said...

i feel like i could have written this about my husband and my desire to be kind like him.

here's to wonderful husbands! :)

Melissa said...

Kevin really is a sweetheart. We all just love him!

Sheryl said...

i'm working on it.