Happy Sumo II






If you are trying to find me on any given Friday or Saturday night, chances are you can probably find us at Happy Sumo. Even with their 50% off VIP night, we are probably keeping them in business. We took Bobby along this time, and absolutely love having him here in Utah. He is such a mini Kev.

This time we ventured out and got the sorbet line-up and the tempura banana split. Both worth the trip there, and at half off, you really can't go wrong.

I feel so lucky to have married into a family that I love to spend time with. I worried so much before I got married that I would fight with my sister-in-laws or get annoyed with my brother-in-laws but it doesn't happen. I really love them, and that is so good.


Brissa said...

your hair is SO long! i'm jealous. i'm also jealous that you visit happy sumo as much as you do. it's truly amazing. i had never even thought of buying dessert there!

Diana Smith said...

MMMM I love the Happy Sumo!

andrea said...

oo that sounds soooo good! i still have yet to go there. need to for sure though!

Brittany said...

Totally wishing my hair could grow that long. Beautiful!