Turning off the dark

Yesterday with a student, he asked me,
"What if instead of turning on the light,
You could turn off the dark?"

I told him I had thought that before,
because it was true after all.
I have seen my share of darkness,

I have wanted to turn it off
because turning the light on
seemed to be too much. Too hard.

But it was there in the dark that I realized
that darkness, too, can be a friend.
The dark teaches love to ones self.

It is in my own times of darkness when I learned
how much better it is to live in the light,
and how good the light feels to a soul in the dark.


Autumn said...

I love this poem, thanks for sharing. It does take more effort to turn on the light at times... thanks for making me think.

Ana* said...

This is so thoughtful!

L!$@ said...

That's amazing! Really thoughtful poem....and so true too.