Bees Knees

My work gave me tickets to the Salt Lake Bees game for Friday night. We sat on the second row which was awesome, because then when the cheerleaders with weak arms (not judging, mine are weak too) throw out t-shirts and burrito's, we actually had a chance to catch them. There is nothing as American as a baseball game in the summer. Home-runs, vendors selling cotton candy and hot-dogs, and getting second-hand drunk because of the excessive amounts of beer.




Such a perfect way to start a weekend.


Chloe said...

Living in Salt Lake, we have been to a couple of Bee's games this summer, and they are always a ton of fun! I agree that baseball is such a fun summer night date night.

Rissy said...

a guy I dated for four years spent a season in SLC... really enjoyed playing there!

my friend is a HoneyBee lol I'll see if she can try and get those prizes a little futher ; )

really though.. what is more american than baseball in the summer? glad you had fun!


Brittany said...

I always get so excited to go to baseball games because they feel so summery (but I have to admit I'm done by the second inning most times).

Cute cute family.