winter snow

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Winter has come to Utah.

I suppose I could complain about the short days, and frigid nights - where the cold doesn't seem to leave you, but rests like smoke on your hair, your face, your paralyzed hands.

We trudge through the drifts, we catch snowflakes - unintentionally - bringing the cold to our homes, but leaving it outside on the front porch. Let the cold watch us through the window, hungrily wanting what it can't have, where the people we love are waiting for us, and the warmth finally sticks.

There is something beautiful about this season that makes us need each other a little more. Our hugs are longer, our kisses not so brief, our laughter takes up more space.

Winter may not need me, but I need winter. It is the best season, and I hope I always live somewhere with lots of snow.

p.s. I guest blogged here today, answering questions about my wedding. So much fun to reminisce about. Thanks for having me Joelle.


Brittany said...

I'm feeling the same way about winter this year. Usually I'm so angry when the first snow happens, but I'm excited to cozy up inside this year.

Sarah said...

I love that picture, and I feel the same way. Have a great day!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Just found you on Love is Home. Beautoful wedding, beautiful blog. New follower!

katrina said...

ohh i love it. i liivveee for winter.

Lauren and Devin said...

I will come back and read this post in February to boost my spirits. Beautifully written.

Kari said...

This is beautiful. I think you just made me love winter. You deserve a trophy.