my week

My life these days is a smattering of the ordinary.

The mornings where I wake in the dark, opening the shades to reveal an entire day - just glittering there. Just waiting for me. The yogurt and the rings and the laughs that don't quite echo as much as they reside, waiting listlessly in the air for someone else to hear. Anyone. The questions that we ask each other - each one getting a little bit closer to the one we really want to ask which is always the same. What do you love? It could be a person or a task or the arbitrary but it is, which is what matters. And it is important that we ask.

It is the summer sun that never stops, and the heat that sticks around long after it's gone. A smoke that won't blow. It is the meshing of all of the sweat and work and anguish of the day and the lonely evenings that always end well. It is the impermanence of this world that urges us on. It is the release of the embrace. It is the waves that mean goodbye, instead.

The ordinary love that is just, precisely what we forget we need. 

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Magdalena said...

What do I love? what a great question that is. I love myself (was the first thought to enter my mind), I love a quiet house, waking up late, reading novels, mint tea, and margaritas.

kate said...

This is so beautiful. I can't wait until I visit home and we can go to lunch and solve world problems by talking about them, and stuff.

Nathan Brough said...
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Nathan Brough said...

I recognized that photo, from The Brothers Bloom. One of my favorite movies.

Thanks for continuing to write. There are a lot of things out there that, when I read them, I say, 'that was beautiful'. But your words are unique in that when I read them, I also feel understood. And that has made all the difference.

Bridgette Nicole said...

You are the best writer. Please publish a book.