I Shall Paint My Nails Red

by Carole Satyamurti

Because a bit of colour is a public service.

Because I am proud of my hands.

Because it will remind me I'm a woman.

Because I will look like a survivor.

Because I can admire them in traffic jams.

Because my daughter will say ugh.

Because my lover will be surprised.

Because it is quicker than dyeing my hair.

Because it is a ten-minute moratorium.

Because it is reversible.


Brian Regan

I took Kevin to St. George to see Brian Regan for his birthday.
We laughed so hard we cried.
Then couldn't breathe.
I know liking him is kind of trendy, especially in Utah,
But if you haven't heard of him,
Check him out.



With so many other changes going on in my life,
it was time for a blog change too.

I think this one reflects me much better than my old one, but I kept the same url so I could keep the same friends.

Update your readers if you feel like it.

Love you all.


last name

my new last name is

it is French
for neighbor.

doesn't Kev-friend look like a neighbor?
he's my favorite one.

(photo of us on a recent adventure to St. George)


happy weekend

write it on your heart
that everyday
is the best day
of the year.

- emerson


birthday party

Kevin & I threw
my lovely soon-to-be sister-in-law Julie
a birthday party last month.

We put carnations in mason jars,
made a heart shaped carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting
and chocolate-covered strawberries on top.

We also made chocolate and regular waffles,

with strawberries, raspberries and peaches on top,
whipped cream, and buttermilk syrup.

Happy belated birthday Julie,
We love you.



I am one of those girls who loves being a girl...

Most of the time.

I love nail polish, and shopping, and flowers and poetry,
romances, sleepovers, high heels, pearls, diamonds,

But sometimes I envy the man's world.
Or rather, the male psyche.
Logical, reasonable, able to react without emotion.

And I still like being a girl,
But sometimes it would be nice to have a break.

Do you know what I mean?



Kevin and I got our engagements done last weekend.
I don't know why we were nervous, because Cody Buell
did them, and they turned out great.
We would recommend him to anyone,
He was fun to work with, laid back, and very talented.

Go here to see more.
I will post the others when I get them!



give me your hand to
hold a little longer, we
are brave together



Since Kevin and I are getting married in August, I have spent a lot of time choosing design elements I want incorporated into our new apartment. Here are some ideas I have for our bedroom:
I really like the colors white, gray, and turquoise together.

Lamp: Anthropologie. (as seen here)
Duvet Cover: Urban Outfitters
Pillow: I plan to make using this tutorial in gray and turquoise.

If only we weren't college kids with no money.
I plan on making a lot of it myself - even the duvet cover.
Wish me luck.


hear black

Fascinated by these two.
And their lovely blog.
favorite posts:

they definitely set the bar for the cute scale.


Conrad Ranch

The location of our wedding dinner.
Conrad Ranch up Provo Canyon.
It couldn't be more perfect.